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Our nine stock picks for "Back to Schoolers"


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There’s no better way to commemorate an important event or milestone than to give a gift that will help the recipient embark on the adventure of investing in U.S. equities—in an affordable and efficient way.


Here is a list of DRIPs that Moneyaper editors have selected as appropriate for gifts to those who want to build wealth over the long term by making regular (or irregular) investments in some of the finest companies in America. (Look below for link to order form)


Companies Available                    Estimated Stock Price*                                        

The Coca-Cola Company (KO)     $45 + 10% cushion = $49.50


Duke Energy (DUK)                      $82 + 10% cushion = $90.20


Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM)            $81 + 10% cushion = $89.10


Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)                $132 + 10% cushion = $145.20


Kellogg Company (K)                     $72 + 10% cushion = $79.20


3M Company (MMM)                    $207 + 10% cushion = $227.70


Nike Inc. (NKE)                              $80 + 10% cushion = $88.00


Union Pacific Corp. (UNP)               $150 + 10% cushion = $165.00


World Wrestling Enter. Inc. (WWE) $81 + 10% cushion = $89.10


* Plus 10% non-refundable cushion against possible upward movement in the price of the stock.


Our gift to you—a reduced price service fee. You pay only $25 over the price of the share. The enrollment service will get the share and deal with the transfer agent to get an account (or up to nine accounts) open for the recipient(s) you choose.


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With Best Wishes,

Moneypaper Publications, LLC


Hurry offer ends August 31, 2018.