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  • It's Easy to Get Started

  • After you have read the information about direct investing on this site, you may be wondering what to do next. Here are the steps to get started investing directly.

    • 1. Go to the home page: Click in "FORMS" and you will find the DRIP ENROLLMENT ORDER FORM. (You may also order online by clicking "DRIP Enrollments,” which will take you to the Temper Enrollment Service site.
    • 2. To order by mail, print the DRIP Enrollment Form and fill in the names and the symbol(s) of the company or companies you want. Enter the number of shares you wish to buy. (You must order the minimum number to qualify for enrollment in the plan, which is generally one share.) To determine the minimum number of shares to qualify for enrollment in a plan, enter the symbol in the "Find DRIP" box at top left of every page. Enter symbol, then view "Shares to qualify."
    • 3. You must indicate the form of registration that you prefer (i.e.: individual, joint ownership, custodian in the name of a minor, etc.). Information about proper registration is provided on the back of the Enrollment Order Form.
    • Click the form shown below to see a sample of a completed order:
    • Enrollment Form